How to : Water Conservation - Sprinkler System- Free Rain Sensor install!

If you are like most people, you spent this past weekend enjoying the outdoors, maybe watched the Braves play while cooking out, but Im sure you weren't out their thinking about your Irrigation system.. But you should! Here is why:

A study from the EPA says that irrigation accounts for up to 30 percent of a households water use.*

Sadly ,a lot of water is probably wasted do to old or inefficient equipment and lack of maintenance.

Cities and Home Owners Associations everywhere are imposing watering restrictions due to drought. Now its more important than ever to evaluate your irrigation system. Even if your home or business isn't in a restricted area its good sense to practice water conservation and stewardship. Here is how:

Get an Irrigation Audit.

An irrigation audit will tell you many things about your system, including:

Problems with your existing system
Improper spacing of sprinkler heads
If you have too little or too much water pressure
The abilities of your sprinkler timer
How much water each individual zone really needs
A detailed mapping of zones watering times and start and end times.
Also all adjustments to existing equipment and heads is made during the inspection.

Once you know exactly how your system performs, consider letting us make some improvements or repairs to increase its efficiency.

With Water Awareness month winding down , we have decided to offer free installation on a Wireless Rain/Freeze sensor with purchase of an irrigation audit.

All new Edwards Landscape Maintenance customers receive the Irrigation Audit for free at initial visit.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for your all of your Lawn and Landscape needs.



My nephew watering their garden

My nephew watering their garden