Drought Tolerant Trees and Irrigating newly planted trees

Do not confuse"Drought Tolerant " with " plant it and forget it" . This is never the case..unless its a pre-lit christmas tree you pulled out of the attic. Every tree and plant needs water. Even if it is drought tolerant, they still need the proper amount of water to become established. Then and only then do they become "Drought Tolerant" . 

It is also important to note that when planting trees on your property, be sure to have a watering plan established; if it is to far from your watering source, your tree will fail . If you are dealing with a larger property, it may not be practical to install a drip line or bubbler. When we run into that problem we use Tree Gator drip bags, they will provide the proper water amount to help establish your Drought Tolerant tree for around 25 dollars.

Looking for the right tree? Look no further. NC State University has been gracious enough to compile a list of Drought Tolerant Trees . Here they are.. be sure to show them some love. 

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- JT