Preventative Tree Care Before Hurricane Season

As a  Landscape Company in the Fort Walton Beach - Destin area, Edwards Landscape faces and overcomes many challenges through out the seasons. Every summer we keep our fingers crossed that all hurricanes in the Gulf will miss us!  However, we like to stay prepared and minimize damage with a little preventative maintenance with proper tree care. High winds and heavy rains can spell TROUBLE for weak and distressed tree limbs. A solid deep-rooted tree more than likely will not fall during a storm, but the weak limbs in the canopy may. Broken, dead and damaged limbs can be ripped from trees during a storm and can be transformed into dangerous debris. To help prevent this, I recommend regular pruning over the course of the tree's life. Not only will your tree look great but it will also create a sturdy, well-spaced framework of healthy branches that allows wind to flow freely through. Remember for all of your Landscape and Lawn Care needs in the Fort Walton Beach, Shalimar and Destin area , call Edwards Landscape !